Abertax industrial water valve

The Abertax Technologies Magnetic Industrial Water Inlet Valve features a float with an embedded magnet that will operate a diaphragm type valve. The rising water level lifts the float. The magnet inside the float then moves a stainless steel pilot plunger which closes the valve. The Magnetic Industrial Water Inlet Valve is suitable to connect with quick release, ideal for use in scrubber machines. The Magnetic Industrial Water Inlet Valve has a glass-reinforced acetal resin valve body, a polypropylene float and glass-reinforced polypropylene float guard. Die armature is made of stainless steel 410/430 and the diaphragm from FKM elastomer. The screws are stainless steel and the magnetic material is rare-earth.

  • Normally open, pilot operated, diaphragm-type valve
  • Made of non-corrosive and non-toxic materials
  • Suitable for potable water
  • Ideal for replacement of bulky float and lever type valve
  • Designed and developed to meet also harsh working environments
  • Smallest inlet water valve on the market
  • Does not have external moving parts
  • Easy to install
  • Fast operation; no partly closed valve position
  • Customization is possible for specific applications
  • It has an incorporated filter which can be easily cleaned preventing accumulation of dirt or grits
  • Manufactured by Abertax Technologies.

Additional information

Operating pressure

0.2 bar to 4 bar

Burst pressure

>15 bar

Suitable fluid

Cold water

Fluid temperature

75oC max

Inlet connection

1/2'' BSP


Stainless steel mesh


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